Wedding Candles

The tradition of wedding candles go back to the Middle Ages. The light of the candle symbolizes the blessing of the marriage by Jesus Christ.

Meaning and Use of the Wedding Candle

For several centuries the wedding candle is a central part of the wedding ceremony. The wedding candle is lit at the Easter candle. The wedding candle can also be a part at family festivities (anniversary of the wedding or birthdays).
In some regions it is quite common to use the communion respectively the christening candle for the wedding ceremony.

Very often the wedding candle is given to the wedding couple by realtives, friends or the marriage witnesses. The wedding candles can be decorated different symbols like e.g. rings, doves or the cruzifix. In addition the first names of the couple and the the date of the wedding  is written on the candle.

Furthermore there is another meaning or use of the wedding candle: When there are troubles in the relationship, when no one of the couple is not able to find the right words the candle can be lighted to show the other part the willingness to find a solution and to solve the problem in the relationship.


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