Easter Candles

The greek, jewish, roman, and christian culture have in commen the tradition of light – expressed in the light of the easter candle. Light is the symbol for life.

The easter candle and the celebration of light at beginning of the liturgy have their earliest roots in the old tradition to light up the easter night with many candles. Furthermore in Rome there was the tradition to light up the celebrations of easter with candles 2 meters high. The symbolism of fire has been transferred to the candle. Today the candle is the center of the easter celebrations.

On the candle you will find the symbols of alpha and omega. They are the first and last letters in the greek alphabet. Alpha and omega stand for the beginning and the end. For all and nothing – and for Jesus Christ. Furhtermore there are the acutual year and  five nails covered with red wax sybolizing the five wound marks. The Easter candle symbolizes Jesus Christ winning over death and dying and risen from the dead. As the candle sacrifices its body to the fire (light) it plays in important role in easter traditions.

In the Easter night the candle is lit at the consecrated fire and carried into the dark church liturgy after it  was blessed before. The Easter candle remains the liturgical center of the Easter night, decorated festively.

Our Easter assortment containes:
 Easter candles for churches and for the private area
 Anzündwachs and Anzündkohle
 Easter at night candles


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