Christening & Communion Candles

The meaning of christening and frist communion

Christening is at the biginning of in the religion of Christian belief. However the the integration into to the Christian church is completed with the first communion and confirmation.

Christening means that the human being is integrated into the Christian community. The candle is a symbol for the Jesus Christ who is seen as the light of the world. Jesus Christ  - the light - promises to be there in dark moments of life.

After Christenin the first communion is another step towards the full integration into the Christian church.  The word "communion" derives form the latin word "communio" what means community.

Christening candles and candles for first communion are available in various design. E. g. with the dove, symbolizing the holy ghost. Or the with the communion cup. In missal is written: The water becomes a unity with the wine. This is a symbol that god became a human being.


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