Manufacturing Methods

Drawing With a drawn candle, a continuous wick is directed via large drums and drawn through a basin filled with paraffin wax. In this way the candle is built up in layers. In so doing, a long train is formed which is cut up into small pieces.

Drawn candles are fully dyed. Thanks to this special manufacturing form, they have an extremely long burning time and a very attractive flame.

Pressing This industrial process involves firstly turning the paraffin wax into granulate. The paraffin wax is heated, sprayed onto a drum cooled with water, from which it is then shaved off. This material is then compressed under high pressure to a candle and then dyed. This operation is suitable for tea lights, pillar candles and dinner table candles.

Pouring Glasses and plastic moulded candles are poured. The dyed and possibly scented paraffin wax is either manually poured into glasses or moulds or done on large-scale filling equipment. The right temperature and exact pouring ensure high constant quality.

Gasser Kerzen - Qualität aus Wachs