Did you know? A lot to know about candles ...

Is there a difference in quality between a drawn, casted or pressed candle?

There is no quality difference due to the production method, only related to the raw materials used.  Drawn candles are still to be considered to have the best burning quality.  

Which types of candles are on the market?

In Central Europe about 90 % of the candles are made out of paraffin. Candles made of stearin have a market share of about 3 % - 4 %. Sometimes stearin is added (approx. 25 %) to table candles made out ouf paraffin. In other countries, e. g. in Norway or Sweden, stearin candles have a much higher market share. Candles made out of bee wax only make up about 0,5 %. Bee wax is rather expensive. Furthermore bee wax has to be processed in another way because of its viscosity. Bee wax candles do not have better burning characteristics than candles made out of paraffin or stearin. Vegetable fat is also used for grave lights.



Are candles made out of paraffin harmful?

It is frequently claimed candles from liquid paraffin are of inferior quality and would lead to pollutions - only candles made of beeswax or from stearin are valued positively. The truth is that candles made out of liquid paraffin earn the same positive assessments. Those which have most extensively been examined scientifically are candles from liquid paraffin. There is already exsting a wide range of scientific surveys that all came to the result that burning down paraffin candles do not harm the health of human beings. Paraffin wax is not more unfavorable than stearin or beeswax. These are results from the biochemical institute of Professor G. Grimmer, Großhansdorf near Hamburg considered highly competent for environmental carcinogens. The institute tested 20 candles burned off within a little room of only 18 sqm of area. They were not able to measure any significant unfavorable concentrations.




Paraffins for the production of candles - technical details

Paraffin is the most widely used raw material for candles by far. It is a mixture of hydrocarbons, which can be defined as oil paraffin, soft coal paraffin or synthetical paraffin, depending on the origin. The basic material is white and somewhat transparent. Most candles for daily use are made of paraffin and/or paraffin compositions because of technical processing advantages.

In the case of ceresin candles, the burning mass consists of fully refined paraffin with added, higher-grade components (e.g. harder paraffin with a higher melting point).


[Translate to English:] Paraffine werden aus Erdöl gewonnen - einem in der Natur vorkommenden fossilen Rohstoff.
Sie sind chemisch ein Gemisch aliphatischer gesättigter Kohlenwasserstoffe (Alkane).
Mit Hilfe aufwendiger Verfahren - Destillation, Filtration, Hydrierung und weiteren Reinigungsstufen - wird das Paraffin raffiniert, bis ein gereinigtes, weißes und geruchfreies Produkt entsteht.
Zur Herstellung des jeweils geforderten Kerzentyps werden die passenden Paraffine gezielt ausgesucht, damit ein störungsfreier, sauberer Abbrand der Kerze ermöglicht wird.


Stearin or Paraffin?

Why are pure stearin candles relatively expensive?

Stearin candles are more expansive because of the production method of the candles. Pure stearin candles can only be poured. Furthermore the raw material stearin is more expansive than paraffin.

Why stearin candles break more easily than candles made wiith other raw materials?

Stearin is a hard, brittle raw material. It does not become soft when it is heated. Candles made out of stearin are more stable but on the other hand they can break easily  because of its brittle characteristics.

What does influence the burning time?

The average wax consumption of the paraffin candles per hour amounts to about 7 to 8 grams independently of the candle diameter and of the production method. The consumption per hour is a little lower with candles from stearin at about 6 to 7 grams, at candles made of beeswax still.

The consumption per hour is halved approximately at the tea light, grave light, victim light since these models burn down in a cup and the flame remains small from the construction of the product. But: The consumer might be most interested not the easy burning time differences at the candles in standard form but the qualities like a beautiful appearance, burning off the candle cleanly, drip strength.


How are candles colored? Which kind of col9ors are used?

Pigments or fat soluble colors are used for colouring candles. Whits candles are dipped into a mixture of dipping wax and pigments. For fully coloured candles soluble colour is used.  Also lacquer is used to give candles a luxury look. Most of the candles are dipped.


What does "RAL dimensions" mean?

The RAL regulation says that the size description of candles has to include the length and the diameter given in milimeters. E. g. RAL 150/50 means length 150 mm , diameter 50 mm.

How to avoid sooting

How to avoid soot? First of all the manufacturer of the candle has to use high quality raw materials and the right wick depending on the diameter of the candle.

The consumer has to avoid draught. Furthermore it is important that there are no rests of the wick or of matches that could have an impact on burning the wax. Make sure the flame gets sufficient oxygen. Candles with a high diameter should burn several hours. If these candles burn for a too short period of time a wall of wax is created what means that the flame does not get enough oxygen. Cut off this wall of wax.

Burning and use of candles

What to do if the candle does not fit on to the thorn of the candle holder?

Try to hollow the candle with a small knife. If the spike is made out of metal try to heat it. Carefully put the candles on the spike. Be especially careful if you want to make this with pressed candles.

How can conical candles be stabilised in a non-fitting holder?

Candle is too thin:

a) fix an adhesive wax slice at the bottom of the candle and press it in the candle holder  

b) pour some liquid wax of a burning candle on the bottom of the holder and fix thecandle on it

Candle is too thick:

a) scrape off some wax from the bottom of the candle
b) put the cone of the candle in warm water and form it by hand so that it matches with the holder

How to light a candle?

Be carefull lighting a candle. Make sure not ot break the wick and avoid impurifiaction.

What to do if the wick is broken?

Scratch away some wax around the wick. The wick needs to have about 10 mm. Try to light the candle again.

How to make sure that candles with high diameter burn smoothly?

Taking into account the use (the expected burning time of the candle) already at the purchase of candle. Only at the breakfast table or at the coffee panel the candle wants, one should choose candle with a lower diameter because of the shorter burning time than for a celebration at which the candle shall be on for several hours to be on whom. Please follow burning instructions.

When already buying a candle its purpose should be taken into account. Will you burn the candle only for a short period of time, e. g. during breakfast or coffee, take one with a low diameter. Will the candle burn several hours, e. g. during dinner or a party, take a candle with a higher diameter.

How long should burn pillar candles with a large diameter?

Pillar candles with a large diamter should burn at least till the liquid wax reaches the edge of the candle.

Why never rest of matches, wicks, insects should be in the liquid part of the candle?

Inpurification could block the wick. Furthermore these material could catch fire. In this case the function like a second wick and the candle can be damaged. The wall of the candle can be break through and the candle starts dropping extremley.


Why sometimes candles start dropping?

the reasons for dropping candles could be a high room temperature, draft or if the candle is not in the upright position.

Colour could influence the burning behavior of a candle - why?

A high quote of pigments could have a negativ impact on the transport capacity of a wick. This is especially in case of dark or fully coloured candles.

How to avoid that candles start droping?

Draft should be avoided. In case that the wick moves to one side, the wick should carefully be cut and moved to the upright position.


What to do with the rest of wax that is not consumed by the candle?

The wax that is not consumed by the flame could be put into the liquid part of burning candle. Or just simply collect the rest of candles and send them to us. We recycle it.

Burning a pillar candle mostly remains a rest quantity of wax that is not consumed - why?

Burning pillar candles never the whole quantity of wax is consumend. Always remains a rest of wax. In the last part of the candle is the whole for the thron of the candle holder. When the flame reaches this part of the candle, the wick tips over and the candle stops burning.


Why candles burn with a very small flame?

A small flame could be caused

a. by a wick that is too small

b. by impurity and pigments that a blocking the wick

How to arrange candles with other candles?

Candles should not be arranged to close to each other. Otherwise the heat of the candle could influence the burning behavior of the other candle. The heat could damage the form - the candle could start dropping. Therefore always use candles of the same size positioned on the same level.



How much should be the distance between burning candles?

There should be at least a distance of 15 cm between the candles.

Sometimes an encrustation is formed at the end of the wick

These perls are encrustations of soot. These encrustations should be cut away in order to ensure a good burning quality.


Why it should be avoided to put out the flame right after it is lighted?

It could be the the wick was not able to suck enough wax. It could be the wick dies away.


What is the best way to put out the flame of a candle?

The best way is to put the wick into the liquid wax. After the flame is extinguished raise the wick again.


Why stop candles burning?

Candles stop burning if the wick tilts into the liquid wax or if the transport of wax through the wick is blocked by impurity.


Burn candles made out of bee wax faster than other candles?

Candles made out of bee wax need a thicker wick. That means the the flame consumes more raw material.

Why do get bee wax candles after a certain period of time a grey white film?

It is typical for bee wax that after a certain period of time some grey mould. This is also an indicator that is real bee wax.

How to remove wax out of fabrics?

The best way to remove wax out of fabrics is putting one or two sheets of plotting papers on the wax stain. Start ironing on the plotting paper until the wax is absorbed. Repeat this process until the wax is removed. In case that the wax cannot be removed fully contact a laundry.



Sometimes the flame of the candle crackles and spits. Why?

The reason could be that the wick became wet.

Sometimes in a grave lamp the flame stops burning. Why?

One reason for this could be, that the flame does not get enough oxygen. Sometimes it could be the the candle is to big for the lamp.


Important to know using glass candle holders:

Glass candles holders - especially for taper candles can burst when the flame reaches the candle holder. Stop burning the candle before the flame reaches the candle holder.


How to clean candle holders?

The candle holder must be warmed until the wax starts melting. Then wipe the wax from the candle holder. The candle holder can be warmed with hot water. Caution!! Risk of injury!

Soot in Churches - 98 % less soot - is that possible?

Paraffin as well as stearin is used for producing candles. High quality candles can be produced with both materials. Only 5 % of the candles are produced are made out of stearin. Both types of candles produce very little quantities of soot. Using our lights made out of palm wax you can be sure that there is almost no soot emented. Please ask us for an offer.

Influence of Candles in Churches

Black sedimentation on walls, pictures, etc. are caused by dust particles. Soot can also play a role. TÜV Rheinland did a survey on this topic and found out that burning candles in churches has no significant influence on dust or even on soot sedimentation in rooms. Candles made out of natural wax (palm wax) are even emiting less soot than candles made out of paraffin. Physical circumstances within a building a obviously the main reason the dust sedimentation. This phenomenon is known as fogging.

How to avoid soot?

It is not necessary to ban candles out buildings or churches. Important is to consider the physical aspects of a building. Furthermore it is important to avoid other sources of dust and smoke.


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